6 Pros Of Eating GMO Foods


GMO Technology Offers Environmental Protection

At the moment, farming is dirty work. With the insecticides and pesticides along heavy machinery, pollution is a big problem, and when you add to that the time and energy that it takes to make these crops and harvests grow, you can surely understand that anything to make it easier and better can only be a good thing.

When crops are genetically modified, they are better equipped to deal with harsher situations and therefore needs less maintenance, freeing up time for farmers and workers to do other things. Fewer crops are lost to the weather elements and other problems (such as destruction by pests and insects) and in general, GMO crops help to make things MORE green and eco-friendly, not the other way around.

With less pollution due to a decrease in the use of machinery to grow the crops, better soil, water and air quality thanks to the lack of chemicals and pesticides, and reduced amounts of erosion, you can see how it all helps to fight FOR the corner of GMO technology, not AGAINST it.