40 Years Later Man Found Alive In The Jungle Claims To Be An American POW


The Vietnam War was a tragic event that affected people from around the world. The war tore America apart, and thousands of young soldiers were sent off to fight in Vietnam. Sadly, many young men lost their lives and so many soldiers were captured, tortured and taken in as prisoners of war. Here is just one miraculous story.

Prisoner of War

While many soldiers passed away during the war, others were captured by the Vietnamese. The American army had no way of knowing what happened to these captured soldiers and many were presumed to be dead. Army Sgt. 1st Class John Hartley Robertson was captured during the Vietnam war, but after the war ended he started a new life in the Vietnamese jungle. Robertson had been living in the Vietnamese jungle in secret until he was found in 2008, and this veteran’s story sadly isn’t a simple one.