9 Celebs Who Prove Being Broke Is Just A Phase


There are some people out there who seem to be born with the world at their feet. The Kardashians are prime examples of those kinds of people – people who don’t seem to do very much yet are still blessed with a bank balance most of us could only ever dream of. We’re not paying attention to those celebs, however. This time, we’re paying homage to those who worked their way from the bottom to the top… And some of them you won’t believe!

Chat Show Queen

Oprah Winfrey was once given a $100 bill from Aretha Franklin, which she spent in a hotel room, and from there her fortune began, a fortune that is now believed to be worth over three billion dollars as of 2015. She’s a typical rags to riches case, coming from a broken home and a single teenage mom, and is now known to be the richest African-American in the 20th century which is pretty impressive all by itself. Add to that the fact she’s the only and first multi-billionaire black person in North America and you have a woman who you know can stand her ground. Not bad for a girl who once came from a state-benefit family.

Broke Celebs - Oprah Winfrey