Beckham-Gate Email Leaks Threaten to Ruin Star’s Reputation


Things took a turn for the worst after David Beckham’s emails between him and his team of advisors were leaked. According to Daily Mail, the emails revealed some reputation ruining information, including emails allegedly showing how the soccer player was vainly trying to be named “Sir David.” It was reported by Daily Mail that when the former England captain was not knighted in 2013,  he sent an explosive set of exploitive email.


Beckham told The Mail on Sunday that the outburst was written “in the heat of the moment.” Another insider defended the soccer star and said, “David is just like any normal person and he was extremely disappointed that he wasn’t deemed worthy of becoming a Sir.” The source continued, “He is a passionate man. He gets very passionate about his work and particularly about his country, Great Britain. That’s what drives him.”

The insider continued to defend Beckham by adding, “He spent a lot of time and effort getting the London Olympics to the UK which had such a positive effect on so many people, but for it not to be acknowledged made him very emotional. Who wouldn’t be?” The emails were released by Football Leaks from European media. One of Beckham’s spokesman said the emails had been “hacked and doctored”.


Other celebs outside of Beckham’s inner circle have not been as forgiving to the athlete. Piers Morgan, called the soccer player “repulsive.” Furthermore, the presenter of Good Morning Britain even took to Twitter to express his disdain. Morgan tweeted, “RIP Brand Beckham. No one will be envious of David Beckham by tomorrow. They will be sickened by him. I think we can forget about “Sir David Beckham” ever happening.”

The email leaks included allegations that Beckham, who is also a Unicef ambassador, wanted more than 6,000 pounds from Unicef for a flight. He ended up not taking the flight because he traveled in a private jet instead, according to Daily Mail. Football Leaks went as far to claim that Beckham was trying to use the charity to win an honor, which Beckham denies.


According to Football Leaks, after Beckham was denied knighthood in 2013, he called the members of the Honors Committee, a “bunch of c****”. He added: “Who decides the honours? It’s a disgrace.”

Unicef, the organization in the mix of the email scandal,  has defended the soccer player and stated, “David has given significant funds personally.” Another spokesman for Beckham said, “This story is based on outdated material and taken out of context from hacked and doctored private emails from a third party server and gives a deliberately inaccurate picture.”